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Why Your Non-Profits Needs an Explainer Video

Non-profits make the world a better place! Unfortunately, funds required to make their amazing work a reality can be challenging to accrue. How do you impress your donors and get them excited about where their money is going? With a slick explainer video, of course! You can use explainer videos to inform donors about your organization’s future plans or initiatives. 

Another reason to invest in an explainer video is to raise awareness for your non-profit. People can’t donate to the cause if they don’t understand the problem and how your organization works to solve it. Explainer videos shine at presenting a solution and educating your audience on how to get involved. 

Additionally, the best time to unveil your brand new explainer video can be at a conference, digital event, your website homepage, in newsletters, or anywhere that puts your message in front of a captive audience. Display your explainer video and educate all in attendance about your cause!


Here is our list of the top 5 list of Non-Profit Explainer Videos:

Black Box Project 

Stop Soldier Suicide is a non-profit with a variety of programs dedicated to preventing suicide for service members, veterans, and military families. They serve members from every brand and every generation, regardless of discharge status. Explainly was honored to create this video to spotlight the Black Box project, to help SSS raise more donations. This project won 2 bronze Tellys in 2022!


Compassion World Farming

CIWF approached Explainly to produce a video on a tight timeline to meet a launch deadline for a new interactive tool called Evaluate Your Plate. The video not only had to be light-hearted and engaging, but also educational and compelling. The result? A fun video with plenty of adorable animals and a strong message educating the public on conservation, which led to another successful video later on, focused on sustainable chicken farming practices. This project won 2 gold Davie’s in 2021!

Safe & Sound

Safe & Sound is a non-profit that works to prevent child abuse and reduce its devastating impact. S&S asked us to produce a video for an upcoming fundraising event, showing a typical family’s journey in order to persuade local philanthropists to donate to their cause. To make the video truly hit home, we went to their offices and re-created actual spaces from their building in animation. They went on to break their fundraising goal by 100%!


SURJ Marin

SURJ Marin is a chapter of Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) — a national non-profit network organizing white people for racial justice. To complement their full web redesign, SURJ wanted an explainer video to teach their audience about everything SURJ does as well as turn more website visitors into actions: donating or attending an event.

Domestic Shelters

An animated video was the last piece missing from’s communication strategy. They collaborated with Explainly to create an explainer video that showcased the breadth of their services. Because of the sensitive subject matter, Explainly made sure to do ample research on the right terms and language while writing the script. We also made sure to include characters from multiple backgrounds to communicate that domestic violence can affect anyone regardless of age, race, or gender. The result was a beautiful video with a strong message for Domestic’s marketing mix.

Video is a powerful tool that can help organizations spotlight their work and generate awareness for their brand. Interested in learning more about Explainer videos? Schedule a video consultation with us today.


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