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Uber Eats Case Study


Our award-winning 15+ series with UberEats has been scaled and localized to educate customers, drivers, and restaurants alike, in a variety of unified visual styles.

Explainly has partnered with the Uber Eats B2B marketing team since 2022 to create a wide breadth of stunning, cohesive, award-winning videos. Our two primary video types include smooth, upbeat explainers that convey the benefits of being a merchant on Uber Eats, as well as bold, stylized product videos created to build a library of content supporting their online resources for Uber’s merchants. These videos are even adding flare to Uber’s booths at in-person tradeshows and conferences, as seen in this picture!

Production of the Uber Series

While every Explainly project begins with a script that is drawn into sketches then illustrated storyboards, this series involved increased pre-production translation efforts across the board, in order to create numerous localized versions of each video. With a recent brand update, we were tasked with matching their beautiful new illustration style, which lent itself to some videos that are simple, straightforward, and engaging. On several of our award-winning pieces, we collaborated with Uber to create a more elevated style that combined 3D and 2D hand-drawn cel animation, resulting in some of our most elevated videos to date. We then added voice over, music, and sound effects to complete each of our final animated videos!

Sketches & Illustrated Storyboards

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Our service and educational videos created for the non-profit organization DASH D.C. depicted delicate, important subject matter with care and in an advanced animation style.


Used by airports, healthcare groups, live venues, and by Linkedin, CLEAR entrusted Explainly with creating a multi-asset 3D video project to amaze their audience at a live conference.


We rapidly scaled up production on Dotdash’s well-known video series, to create dozens of educational animations on a tight timeline, all while following highly specific brand guidelines.

Toast x Google

Our variety of on-brand styles for Toast x Google and numerous other videos were created to match their evolving visual guidelines for different verticals.


Our mission is to help our clients uncover the essence of their brand story to drive sales, influence decisions, and promote understanding.

We will always search for the best way to give our clients a great experience. We will continue to learn about every industry, in order to offer innovative, high quality products with premium value.

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