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Producing Healthcare Explainer Videos

The needs of healthcare professionals, companies, and patients are complex. Luckily, Explainly’s expertise in explaining, advertising, and promoting within the medical industry is vast! Set yourself apart with these effective, versatile ways to educate your audience with animated videos. 

The nature of healthcare marketing requires a careful approach to balance science, technology, and credibility with empathy, humanity, and sensitivity. Companies in the medical industry must understand their audience and clearly explain how they can help. They must fulfill their needs and demonstrate their understanding of the audience. Our flexibility aims to captivate, educate, comfort, and build trust in our audiences. This has led us to work with clients including McKesson, Johns Hopkins, AARP, VeryWell Health, Elite Medical Staffing, Lallemand, Precision for Medicine, ACLA, and many more.

Tips for Writing Healthcare Videos

Consider including both patients and medical professionals’ perspectives to deliver a well-rounded story! Doctors and nurses can empathize with medical workers’ characters and grasp alternative perspectives. Vice versa, medical worker characters can also better see and understand the perspective of doctors and nurses when shown.

Whether your video targets medical professionals or patients, ensure it addresses the problem. Incorporate their common concerns into the video narrative to foster an emotional connection. Then show how you can provide easy, understandable solutions to their obstacles.

Complex Language & Approachability

Every healthcare video has different needs and nuances. However, oftentimes short explainer videos are most effective when they steer clear of overly technical medical jargon. While more complex references could establish deeper credibility or explain more complex concepts in longer-form videos, more conversational language is typically more effective in connecting emotionally with your audience. Not only can this make your company feel more approachable, warm, and trustworthy, but it also is easier for the average viewer to understand. However, pairing this language with on-screen text, motion graphics, and animated illustrations can drive home tougher concepts even better and improve information retention!

Below, we have a highlight reel, including a few of our team’s favorite explainer videos that we produced for medical and healthcare-related companies. Take a look and be inspired!


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