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We’ll start with a creative questionnaire and a kick-off conversation.

At the end of the day, our goal is to get you and your organization a successful video. That means that we first have to understand what you define as a success. We’ll also be sure to walk you through our custom video management dashboard and answer any questions you might have.



Develop a blueprint of your project with a script, sketched storyboard, style frames, and voice talent options.

Since it can be hard to make informed decisions about revisions/approvals at the beginning of a project, we wrap together a complete pre-production project proposal to help you understand the overall vision for your project and remedy potential roadblocks that could come to haunt our production timeline.

We offer 2 rounds of revisions per deliverable because, while we’re the video experts, you’re the expert in your business and so we encourage you to tell us what you like, don’t like, or want us to add and we’ll bring those changes to life.



Visualize the graphics and tone of your video with an illustrated storyboard and professional voice over.

By combining the sketched storyboard and style frames, we illustrate a complete, frame-by-frame storyboard. And by combining the script with the approved voice talent we get a professional voice over recorded to match your brand’s tone. With this, you’ll have a fully visualized map of what your final video will look like.

This is the part of our process where you really start to get an idea of what the final product will look like, have something to show off to the rest of your office, and make Bill from sales jealous that he didn’t come up with the idea.



Make it all come to life through the magic of animation, royalty free music, and sound effects.

By combining the sketched storyboard and style frames, we illustrate a complete, frame-by-frame storyboard. And by combining the script with the approved voice talent we get a professional voice over recorded to match your brand’s tone. With this, you’ll have a fully visualized map of what your final video will look like.

This is the part of our process where you really start to get an idea of what the final product will look like, have something to show off to the rest of your office, and make Bill from sales jealous that he didn’t come up with the idea.

Final delivery


The moment we’ve all been waiting for.

Woo! Your final video is here and that’s something worth celebrating. For your final delivery, you’ll receive an uncompressed version of your video as well as a smaller viewing version. You also get any and all illustrated art assets like characters or icons to use in other marketing materials, plus any shortened cuts that you’re interested in using around the web.

This is the part where you get to go to your boss and blow their socks off with the great work you get to take credit for.


Multitude of Awards and Stellar Client Reviews

Showcasing our creative prowess, we’re proud to be 12-time Davey Award winners, 9-time Muse Award recipients, and 11-time Telly Award victors, affirming our commitment to excellence in video production.


Our tried and true process
produces successful videos.

Working with the Explainly team was an awesome experience from start to finish. They helped us synthesize our ideas, were flexible and collaborative, and delivered a final product that exceeded our expectations. Would 100% work with them again, and recommend them to anyone looking to create an animated video!!

Jen Villarosa

Snr Manager

Any time we bring in a new production partner for a client project, it puts our reputation on the line. Will the work be good? Will the process work for us? Are they open to collaboration? The answer was “yes”. I’m proud of the work we’ve done together for an important client, and consider Explainly to be a trusted partner.

Joe Silvestri

EVP Client Partnerships

The Explainly Team is tremendously professional, kind, collaborative, and responsive. We had a need for an explainer video to reach out to high school students about data science. From concept to storyboarding to animation drafts, we were impressed with the creative direction that Explainly took. Throughout the whole process, the team was communicative and understanding of our tight deadlines.

Amy Hu

Video Producer

Explainly was fantastic to work with! They worked really fast and produced a video that was perfect to open up a virtual conference and get our audience excited. They were super professional and went out of their way to meet our tight deadlines. Can’t wait to work with them again!

Lauren Olerich

Sr. Director of Marketing

Ben and Miranda did an outstanding job creating our educational video. They were professional, responsive, and the end product was completed on time and exceeded our expectations. Overall, it was a great experience working with the Explainly team and we look forward to creating additional videos in the future.

Chris Simard

Executive Director

Our company worked with Explainly for a product explainer video, and from the first intro call I knew I wanted to work with them. Their team is thorough, extremely organized and makes it very easy for your team. If we create any more product explainer videos in the future we will absolutely be working with Explainly again.

Natalie Laurin

Marketing Director

From beginning to end, Explainly was amazing. Aaron Chen made sure to ask all the right questions to make sure our needs were met throughout the process. They kept things on track by sending nudges and requesting zoom appointments to resolve any pending items– as a busy executive I greatly appreciated that. We were very happy with the beautifully animated video.

Meghan Harmon


Exceeded our expectations in every regard! Explainly struck a perfect balance between incorporating our input, and offering their own professional insights. Their team’s creativity, attention to detail, and professionalism was evident every step of the way. Final animation was exceptional, and truly brought our product to life while distinctly communicating our brand language. Thank you to Ben, Miranda, and all at Explainly!

Sean Duckworth

Owner & COO

Explainly worked hand-in-hand with us through the entire process, from scripting to final edits. Their process was smooth and very simple to navigate as a client, and everyone we worked with was kind, helpful, and extremely competent. I highly recommend Explainly – they were one of the easiest, most communicative companies I’ve ever worked with.

Hannah Craig

VP of Content

Evan was able to answer all of our team’s wild requests and do so in a timely and polite manner. They are extremely flexible to work with. The process felt very involved and it was a great experience for our team and we definitely look forward to working with Explainly again for future video projects!

Michael Finn


Great team who understood our vision and goals from the first meeting. They were able to bring to life exactly what we wanted, ahead of schedule. We will definitely be using Explainly in the future for additional video creation needs.

Jensen Van Horn

Digital Marketing Lead

Explainly has been nothing short of spectacular in all regards as an animation studio: responsive, courteous, thoughtful, experienced, hard-working, and above all, the animation is AMAZING! Their brilliant artwork speaks for itself, but they go above and beyond to ensure that the animation suits their clients’ needs. Especially Madhuri Mannava and Courtney Pratt, who are fantastic at their jobs. 5 stars!

Vinnie Urdea

Creative Director

They did an amazing job for New Home Star with our tight deadline for a show. Very organized and delivered a high-quality design.

Chris Laskowski

Marketing Director

Wonderful experience! We created six videos about pharmaceutical manufacturing (which isn’t easy to simplify or explain) but the team was up for the challenge! They really kept the project moving and had an excellent turnaround time. Everyone on the team was a pleasure to work with and they delivered a finished product that everyone at my company was thrilled with!

Natalie Kuczkowski

Sr. Marketing Specialist

Explainly is terrific! Great final product, great team, very responsive, excellent about managing their and my time. Cannot recommend them enough!

Marissa Sapega

Director of Product Marketing

Had a very good experience with Explainly. Very good communication throughout the process and we were very pleased with the final product. Pricing was straightforward and good value, and will definitely use them again.

Steve Gorretta

VP of Product Marketing

Explainly created a fantastic video for our business, and the team was great to work with. Quick communication, inventive and creative ideas, open to changes and reworks and they delivered a quality video that will be used on our website as well as assets that will be used to further our brand strength. We would definitely recommend them for your video needs!

Beth Kukla

Head of Ops

It was a great experience working with Explainly. They went-out of their way to help us create exactly what we were looking for. The collaboration and creativity throughout the whole process was spot on. All deliveries were on time and needed minimal changes. We plan on working with them again in the future. I highly recommend them.

Alex Oliver

Business Dev

We have had the pleasure of working with Miranda and Scarlett – both great to work with. Our videos turned out great, and we cannot wait to implement them into our sales process.

Abby McDonald


We are very happy with our explainer video. I was involved in the creative process from start to finish. They were able to take what was in my head and create a great video. At every step, I was able to make changes to ensure the final product was perfect. I’ll use explainly in the future.

Adam Nagy


From the very start, you entertained our crazy ideas – turning them into beautiful, rational, clever, focused videos that are sure to catch attention. Special shout out to Aaron and Madhuri, who were patient and kind. I am certain that this positive experience will translate into requests for future video products for my internal clients.

Heather Holliday

Director of PR

It was a real pleasure working with Explainly. They have everything you need to create a high-quality animated video that your team will be proud of. They combine creative talent with a service delivery approach that makes the creative process collaborative, efficient, and highly impactful. The end result was a video that exceeded my expectations and represents our brand well.

Bo Borland

Founder & CEO

A great company to work with. Very professional and delivered our videos on schedule and budget. Will be back!

Scott Shwarts


Our Explainly team was phenomenal! They were able to get our project done well ahead of a typical timeline for similarly sized projects. Collaboration between their team and ours was a breeze and came with the ease of teams that have worked together for a considerable large amount of time. We’re already planning our next projects with them–cannot recommend them enough!

Kayla Little

Marketing Manager

Working with the Explainly team was such a pleasant experience! From the very first call to the final produced video, Explainly took exceptional care to ensure they understood our needs, then delivered on them. The end result was a beautifully produced video in just a matter of weeks, and the quality of work is more than we ever expected.

Mandy Alegnani

Director of Marketing

The whole Explainly team was great to work with! They have a great process down and deliver an excellent product. They delivered on time and within budget – looking forward to working with them in the future!

Mike Vig


An absolute team of rockstars with an awesome process. They took a rough sketch and script we prepared, worked with us on the narrative, quickly turned around sketches, sample frames and designs, and we were off to the races. Very communicative, hit all of our stretch goals, and made sure we were happy with the end result.

Robert Panasiuk


Explainly did a fantastic job on my client’s project. They were creative, responsive and professional. Highly recommended!

Tom Cohen

Executive Producer and CEO

The entirely Explainly team was fabulous to work with, and made the process easy. The team was very patient; was *super* responsive to our questions; provided sound guidance in a new territory for our company; and made the collaboration process a breeze with the digital tools they use to share assets/drafts and manage the review/approval process.

Joan Bosisio

VP of Client Services

Working with the Explainly team was a seamless process from start to finish. The team was highly communicative, patient, and talented, and produced a video that truly exceeded expectations. What I loved most is that the team really took the time to understand our product and vision and made it come to life in a way that was engaging, creative, and high quality.

Gabrielle Grech

Marketing Manager

It was a pleasure to work with the Explainly team to create a series of product explainer videos for our SaaS solutions. They make the process super easy. They are extremely professional, organized and easy to work with. I highly recommend Explainly for all your video needs.

Veronica Felix Wong

Global Marketing Director

I could not have asked for a more pleasant interaction as what was offered by Explainly. My manufacturing company needed two videos created explaining a pretty technical and novel concept to our customers. They tackled this daunting subject with grace and positivity.

Kelsey Forrest

Content Marketer

They were very professional, responsible, and fast, but beyond that, they were very creative and strategic and helped me figure out exactly what I needed and how to achieve it. The AMA San Francisco appreciates your talent and we will be working with them again in our next motion graphic project. I highly recommend them.

Gerardo Garcia-Jurado

President at the

Amazing! So easy to work with. Quick responses & turnaround times. Very organized and transparent about the process.

Abby Baumann

Director of Marketing


Our mission is to help our clients uncover the essence of their brand story to drive sales, influence decisions, and promote understanding.

We will always search for the best way to give our clients a great experience. We will continue to learn about every industry, in order to offer innovative, high quality products with premium value.

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