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Inspiration & Ideas #1

Here at Explainly, we love videos, and not just our own. We find inspiration everywhere, so we keep an ongoing Instagram chat where we share content internally that captures our interest. This post is meant to celebrate some of our recent favorites and give you a look into our creative process. Let us know what you think! Thanks for adding to the conversation, and thanks to the artists out there who continue to create great work.

We love the abstract nature of this design and the transitions that are made possible due to the illustrative style. It’s a fantastic way to creatively express movement through conceptual animation.

The way the background is used to create a sense of space and movement really sells the feeling that watching a game brings up. Plus, it’s just really cool.


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This technology is incredible and the innovative design that connects the brand with the imagery is brilliant.

This video is weird and delightful and the opportunity to see in the mind of an artist is always too good to resist.


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As an avid Duolingo learner, this video really captures why this brand is so lovable. There are plenty of ways to learn another language, but few have as adorable of characters as this app. Plus, who doesn’t love a good jingle?

As you can see, Explainly can find sources of inspiration anywhere and so can you! Let us know what types of illustrations and animations you’d like to see us create! Share it with us in the comments. Thanks!

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