Are you searching for a great video production company? Fortunately, there is a massive amount of different companies to choose from. Day by day, more and more players are offering lots of options.  What should you do? How do you select the best explainer video companies?

Well, we are here to assist you with it. Listed below, we have provided a quick checklist which will guide you through the complicated process of choosing the best explainer video production company. The right mix of creativity, culture, and communication are the main secret ingredients of success when it comes to successfully creating an explainer video.

Ways That Evaluate Video Production Company

• Creative, Unique and Fresh Ideas

Explainer video should be unique, attractive and fresh. It needs to stand out and be different than the other explainer videos. How do you give it that extra spark? How do you make it attractive to a user? With an experienced and creative team, it is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Your task is to find a reliable team of experts who will guide you through the whole process of video explainer production – from the very beginning. It is highly relevant to find the team that will listen to all your needs and requirements to design the best explainer videos ever created. A great creative team should create something unusual for you, something that will help you to stand out from the crowd. If it is possible, ask them to show you some of their past projects. This insignificant request will be useful as well as helpful to decide whether they can offer excellent, unique and fresh ideas, or not.

• Suitable Culture, Values, and Language

Taking into account that your explainer video will be explaining who you are and what your business is, it is essential to check whether the production company shares the same culture as you. It would be much more comfortable as well as enjoyable to collaborate with the company that shares the same values as you. You can speak the same language and share the same (or mostly similar) ideas – complement one another. Find the right company that is a great culture fit by meeting them, reading their blogs, sharing thoughts, and more.

• Quality of Audio and Video Production

The most important factors which determine whether you will collaborate with the company or not is the quality of audio and video production. Pay particular attention to the animation quality. Is it smooth? The top-quality video should be polished and smooth. Music should enhance and complement the video. The video should be well-lit. Its animation should be creative and fluid. To make a long story short, you should be 100% satisfied with the explainer video. Looks at things that are appealing to you. In case the explainer video fits your needs and requirements, then it may be a great partnership. If you are satisfied with their portfolio, then it is what you need. In case you are not, then this company is not an expert in its line.

• Experience and Expertise

Of course, a lot of video production companies can showcase hundreds of videos in their portfolio, but it does not guarantee their expertise. To know more about the company, you need to dig deeper. Experienced and professional video explainer companies should know how to handle projects from companies in different industries and satisfy their needs, requirements, and expectations.

Did the explainer video help you to understand the product/service better? Does it seem “nice to have”? If the answer is “yes” then the video production company has an expertise in, well, explaining stuff. The better you understand every concept they told, the more skilled they are.

• Fits Your Budget Needs

Different video production companies have different price points too. In case you find the company that perfectly suits your budget needs, it is necessary to know what it can get you for your money. Check out costs for animated explainer videos (or live action videos if needed). Moreover, you should check whether they are transparent in their pricing. You should be able to get a general price indication by asking for a quote. Avoid the companies that are only interested in how deep your pockets are.

• Reviews, Recommendations, and Ratings

Customer feedback is a vast reference you can take into account when making the right decision. Check all the reviews, testimonials, recommendations and ratings on their website or social media. This will provide you with much more necessary information before arriving at the final decision.

Remember, that a useful explainer video is the one that perfectly suits your company needs and expectations. It is a high-quality work that is specially designed to explain your product or service in the most simple form and creatively. It should deliver your message to your potential customers in a fast, easy and exciting way. It should not be boring or dull. To choose the best video production company, you should be confident that they can bring your great idea to life and present to the market in a unique, creative and extraordinary manner. In case the animation studio meets the criteria mentioned above, then you can be sure you will be satisfied with their work. It will meet your needs as well as will do its best to increase your sales.