How to Build a Results-Focused Online Marketing Campaign

A digital marketing campaign includes numerous interconnected moving parts all of which support improving your brand reputation, increasing awareness about your business, building trust and, most importantly, growing your revenue. Creating a marketing campaign with these outcomes in mind will help your advertising efforts achieve a greater level of success. 

Do you know how to create a successful digital marketing campaign?

An online marketing campaign is more complex, dynamic and effective than traditional marketing methods. Unfortunately, you can’t just throw a few ads for your business on Facebook and wait for the customers to come rolling in! A successful campaign requires clear goals, a well-defined strategy and monitored analytics. 

In this article, we’re giving you six effective tips and tricks for building a results-focused online marketing campaign that will help you reach your business goals.

#1: Set your business goals

Do you know the primary purpose of your digital marketing campaign? Would you like more followers, shares and likes? A higher conversion rate? Or maybe something completely unique to your business? 

The business goals you want to achieve are entirely dependent on you and your business. So before you set your goals, make sure you understand where your business is now and where you want to be long-term. Then use that information to create the best possible marketing strategy.

#2: Define your target market

Who is your ideal customer? If your website is collecting demographic and behavioral information from your customers, use that data to identify who visits your site and what they do. Then use that information to create a highly-targeted and specific profile of the audience you want to market to. 

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that focusing on everyone is the best approach just because that gives you access to a greater number of people. When your ads are shown more often to people who have key demographics in common with your current customers, the more successful your campaign will be. So don’t waste your money advertising to folks who won’t ever be interested.

#3: Develop customer personas

The next step is creating customer personas. Take the information you gathered above, and go a bit deeper. Describe what your ideal customers likes, what they do for a living, their income, age, family status, etc. Add in interests, behavior, goals, character features and other online behaviors. 

You may go through a few different customer personas before you get the right one, but the results are worth the time and effort!

#4: Set your budget

Take a realistic look at your finances, set a budget, and stick to it. Do keep in mind that online or digital advertising is one of the cheapest forms of advertising, but you should still only spend what you have. With no physical product, be careful not to let the spending spiral out of control.

To set a reasonable budget for your online marketing campaign, determine the outcome you want from the campaign and how much revenue you want to generate. If you’re going to run a Facebook ad campaign, and you want to see a 10,000 dollar revenue and the profit on each product you sell is 100 dollars, you need 100 sales. When you know the revenue you need, you can easily set a budget.

#5: Use the right platforms for your business

There are many different platforms and methods for marketing your business online. If your business sells to other companies, you might not want to use the same platforms that a business targeting individuals does. And within those groups, different demographics are more prevalent on different platforms. Facebook may be better for individuals while LinkedIn may work better for business. Typically, Pinterest appeals to women whereas YouTube has a higher number of users who are men.

#6: Manage your social media profiles

Organic social media is an essential component of your online marketing campaign. So monitor your social media profiles, make sure your brand reputation is strong and don’t ignore your current customer base in favor of new customers.

Interact with your customers, and respond to messages or comments even if they’re negative. The best and most profitable source of customers is your current customer base! 

When building an effective online marketing campaign, you need to utilize each of these six strategies. Especially because the result of each step depends on the success or failure of the previous step. So if you skip one, you may find your online marketing campaign is not as successful as you’d hoped!