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Why Explainly?

Strategic storytelling, custom visuals, and consultative service. Because of our in depth discovery process, we give you more than just a video.

We provide a strategic tool that moves your business forward. Backed by target market research and insightful storytelling that fits seamlessly into your brand, and led by collaborative, consultative, creative, responsive, reliable, and flexible service.

How long will my video take?

Once we kick off your project, it will take approximately 6-8 weeks to deliver your video.  We offer two free rounds of revisions per step of our process, so your timeline really depends on how quickly we can get feedback and how many rounds of revisions get used.

That being said, we offer a rush service (4-6 week turnaround) and a super rush service (≤ 4 week turnaround).

How involved will I need to be?

You can be as involved as you’d like. We’re here to make this process collaborative and simple, but also fun.

Normally after you fill out our questionnaire and we get through our kick-off call, all of our communication moves to email, slack, or your video management dashboard in trello. This means that you’ll just be reviewing deliverables as they come in and offering feedback or approvals as you see fit.

What's your process?

1st – We send you a questionnaire to fill out and from there we dive into target market and competitor research to create our storytelling and visual strategy.

2nd – We kick off the project with you on a call where we tell our vision and understanding of your video and ask any potential questions.

3rd – We write your script and develop visual ideas for each line, and you provide any feedback you have until it achieves the goals of your video. The script is the foundation of a successful video, so we’re happy to provide as many versions as we need.

4th – A storyboard of sketched ideas gets drawn up so that you can see the frame by frame concept of the video before we even get to illustrating. We’ll also pull a few key frames out of the storyboard and fully illustrate the scene so you can get a feel for what the entire video will look like.

5th – We’ll select our favorite auditions from a long list of applicants and you’ll pick the voice to move forward with.

6th – We’ll apply the approved style to the approved sketch storyboard so that you get to see everything in its graphic form. And we’ll record the entire VO and make any tweaks necessary to gain approval.

7th – Your video is here and ready for any adjustments needed to bring it to the finish line. We’ll provide music options, sound effects and the fully engineer sound mix for your final delivery.

8th – Everything is finished, approved and delivered! We’ll even send you your project files – just in case you want to change things on your own later.

Should I invest in more than one video?

We’re obviously a little biased, but yes. Most companies begin their video creation journey by creating one, top-of-funnel awareness video, and that’s a great place to start! However, videos are a tool for all points of your customer journey. From awareness, to vertical and audience specific messaging, to tutorials there are lots of reasons to make more than one video, but the first place to start is often on your home page.

Why won't you just give me a price?

We know that booking a call with us to discuss your project may not seem necessary, but video isn’t something that you can buy off a fast food menu. We want to understand your video goal to make sure we’re clear on the scope before we give you a one-size-fits-all price. So book a discovery call, and we promise we’ll take in all the information to provide you a custom quote that truly fits what you need.

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