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Explainly’s 2D Animation Process

Explainly creates videos that bring your brand’s vision to life through research, strategy, copywriting, and custom visuals. Our personalized and collaborative approach ensures that your video is truly one of a kind. To create a final animated video, first a wide team of artists, producers, and creatives band together and collaborate on every piece of production. Have you ever wondered how the process works? Let’s dive in.

Discovery | Creative Questionnaire & Kickoff Call

To create a successful video for you and your organization, we’ll begin by understanding all your goals, and walking you through our production process! Before beginning on any explainer video – whether it is 2D or 3D animated, mixed media, or live action – every project starts with comprehensive research, which should include an understanding of what the video should achieve for your organization, how the target audience should respond, as well as an analysis of the competitive landscape.

After you brief our team with a questionnaire, it’s followed by a thorough kickoff conversation to demonstrate our creative team’s understanding of the story, goals, and target audience of the project. It also allows the company to be brought up to speed on all the details of the upcoming production process, which typically takes eight weeks to complete.

Pre-Production | Script, Voice Over, Style Frames, & Storyboards

We then develop a blueprint of your project, starting with a script, to convey and refine your video’s overall vision. Did I mention there are 2 rounds of revision included in every step of production?

After the words of our script are perfected and approved, it is then sketched into an initial storyboard, which can consist of line drawings, photography or stock video footage. A few key frames from the sketched storyboard will be fully designed into test style frames, to give you a taste of what’s to come in the next step.

Production | Illustrated Storyboard, Voice Over, & Animation

These sketches and style frames are combined to create a full graphic storyboard. By visualizing the style and tone of your video, you can tweak compositions, ensure your branding fully matches the mood of the illustrations, and get an idea of your almost-final product. Concurrently, a wide selection of voice over actors are reviewed, auditions are recorded, and talent is cast.

Through a video animatic, you can also view a rough visual preview that times your illustrated storyboard to the voice over, in order to showcase the timing, pacing, and compositions of the frames. The animatic is then revised and approved, before being brought to life through the magic of animation.

Post-Production | Polished Edit with VO, Music, & SFX

Our designers make the storyboard move through animation aligned with incredible voice over, music, and sound effects, to create an effective and strategic video for any organization. At each step in this process, you are offered many opportunities to provide feedback so that the final product is in line with your brand’s goals and expectations.

Final Delivery

Blow the socks off your team with your amazing final product! Final delivery assets include an uncompressed version of the video, as well as a smaller viewing version and all individual audio stems. It also consists of any desired collect files or illustrated art assets such as characters or icons which can be used in other marketing materials, plus closed captions, and any shortened or reformatted cuts to be used around the web or on social media. Alternative CTAs may also be delivered in order to A/B test which verbiage works best for the audience.

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Customer Service in Video Production

Customer service is extremely important when clients are vetting which agency they want to partner with. At Explainly, we provide all of our clients with ‘white glove’ customer service. Meaning that we work in tandem with them to become an extension of their team, whether it be marketing or internal communications. All our project managers are equipped with the tools to provide seamless project management service to every client, even down to tailoring our communication styles to meet our clients’ preferences.

3 Tips to Utilize Animation Source Files

All digitally animated videos are created in softwares like Adobe After Effects, Adobe Animate, or ToonBoom Harmony. But no matter the software, there is a series of data, drawings, and files that make up every project. These networks of interconnected data, known as source files, collect files, working files, or art files, can enable edits or tweaks for years beyond a project’s completion. Wondering how you can utilize your animation source files? Here are three main steps to better understand your project files!

How to Color Correct a Video

Whether you’re filming on your phone or on a DSLR, no camera can fully capture colors like our eyes do. Tweaking and refining colors in post-production is vital to enhancing any video. Major live action and animated film productions even have colorists. These colorists ensure that a film’s colors and final look are reflecting the tone of the overall feeling and tone of the film’s story.

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