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Explainly’s Favorite Videos (2022)

The year 2022 was a busy one for the Explainly team! We moved offices, hired new team members, and traveled to trade shows to meet new clients and see old friends. Our endlessly talented creative team were hard at work making amazing videos. In this post we would like to take a moment to reflect on our favorite projects of 2022. These are just a few of the projects that move us, let us collaborate with our clients, and make us love coming to work every day.

Uber Eats Videos

The Uber Eats marketing team asked us to create two types of videos. 1.) Some smooth, upbeat explainers to convey the benefits of being a merchant on Uber Eats and 2.) some product videos to build out a library of content supporting their online resources for merchants. With a recent brand update, Uber tasked us with creating a new illustration style that matched their new brand guidelines. The result was a library of videos that are simple, straightforward, and engaging. 

Compassion World Farming

Explainly was approached to create a video for CIWF on a tight timeline to meet a launch deadline for a new interactive tool called Evaluate Your Plate. The video not only had to be light-hearted and engaging, but also educational and compelling. Provided with a script and a reference video, we got started quickly and finished on schedule. The result? A fun video with plenty of adorable animals and a strong message educating the public on conservation, which led to another successful video later on, focused on sustainable chicken farming practices.

NSU Business Video Series

We had the pleasure of working with NSU before so when they came to us for more videos we were thrilled! We got straight to work creating a new concept for the NSU School of Business. NSU Business has a breadth of programs that help students transform the world around them. We created a series of videos highlighting various career paths that an NSU Business degree could prepare students for. Each video features a unique character leveraging their knowledge and profession to spread social good.


Edifi approached Explainly looking to collaborate on some fun and engaging finance education videos. Our creative team designed an adorable illustration style and created a hero character named Eddy to teach us all about our finances. Learning about finance has never looked so good!



Our Cupcake Vineyards: Joy Through the Decades campaign was one of the largest, most joyful projects Explainly has tackled yet! We partnered with our client to write, design, and animate more than 10 minutes of fun and nostalgic animation to promote Cupcake’s summer lineup of wines. Customers at major retailers, super markets, and corner stores across the US can buy a bottle of Cupcake Vineyards wine, scan the QR code under the cap, and partake in an exciting, eye-catching interactive animated throw-back through the decades. This project had 200+ animated pieces and we are proud of every single one!



Roco Films, our new office neighbors, curate the best documentary films from all around the world and give you access to host a screening anywhere! History, nature, social justice and more- Roco empowers audiences to host screenings and bring communities together. Roco films connected with Explainly to create a video to showcase the work they do for documentary filmmaking.  We collaborated with them to create a colorful, organic, and simple style where anyone who watched it could feel included and represented. 


These are just a few of the amazing videos we have put together this year. Explainly cannot wait to share more projects we are proud of in the future! Want your own Explainly video? Schedule a video consultation today! 


Customer Service in Video Production

Customer service is extremely important when clients are vetting which agency they want to partner with. At Explainly, we provide all of our clients with ‘white glove’ customer service. Meaning that we work in tandem with them to become an extension of their team, whether it be marketing or internal communications. All our project managers are equipped with the tools to provide seamless project management service to every client, even down to tailoring our communication styles to meet our clients’ preferences.

3 Tips to Utilize Animation Source Files

All digitally animated videos are created in softwares like Adobe After Effects, Adobe Animate, or ToonBoom Harmony. But no matter the software, there is a series of data, drawings, and files that make up every project. These networks of interconnected data, known as source files, collect files, working files, or art files, can enable edits or tweaks for years beyond a project’s completion. Wondering how you can utilize your animation source files? Here are three main steps to better understand your project files!

How to Color Correct a Video

Whether you’re filming on your phone or on a DSLR, no camera can fully capture colors like our eyes do. Tweaking and refining colors in post-production is vital to enhancing any video. Major live action and animated film productions even have colorists. These colorists ensure that a film’s colors and final look are reflecting the tone of the overall feeling and tone of the film’s story.

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