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Cybersecurity Explainer Videos

As technology and software have become increasingly sophisticated, so have cyber security threats. Cybersecurity attacks on companies have become commonplace in the news cycle. In this day and age, securing your and your company’s sensitive data should be a number one priority. As demand increases, the importance for cybersecurity companies to set themselves apart from the competition also increases.

The Problem

Software and cybersecurity companies solve highly technical problems. However, it can be difficult to articulate to audiences who are unaware of the topic. Unfortunately, most people don’t think about solutions to cybersecurity until they encounter a cyberattack themselves! So, thinking about a marketing strategy that reaches your audiences BEFORE they even need it is crucial.

The Solution

We’ve got you covered! This is what explainer videos were made for. With our experience in script writing and storytelling, we will help you craft the appropriate tone for your target audience wherever they fall in your sales pipeline. We have experience working in the cybersecurity space with major players like Anomali, Avast, and Deduce, as well as dozens of software companies, including AWS Slalom, Uber, Repsly, Vantiq, and Toast.

Below is a highlight reel including some of our team’s favorite explainer videos for tech, software, and cybersecurity companies. Take a look 

Here are just some of our favorite Cybersecurity Explainer Videos!

Avast Isometric Antivirus



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