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Cupcake Vineyards: Dynamic Animation Campaign Case Study

Our Joy Through the Decades campaign animation was one of the largest, most joyful projects Explainly has tackled yet! We partnered with our clients Cupcake Vineyards, Yeti LLC, and Wolf-Like Marketing to write, design, and animate more than 10 minutes of fun, nostalgic, elevated animation for their interactive mobile software experience built to promote Cupcake’s Summer lineup of wines. 

Throughout Cupcake’s Summer of Joy Sweepstakes, customers at major retailers, super markets, and corner stores across the world could buy a bottle of Cupcake Vineyards wine, scan the QR code under the cap, and partake in an exciting, eye-catching interactive throw-back through the decades. While evoking joy and pushing the boundaries of how animation can be used to market and interact with brands, we were also sure to maintain Cupcake’s brand style, fonts, colors, and follow ADA best practices. Out of endless possibilities and over 200 animated pieces, you can check out a selection of our favorites in the video above!

The results of this ‘Joy Under Every Cap’ campaign yielded amazing success with great quantities of scans and engagement exploring the colorful interface, and creating, playing, and replaying our custom 30-second animated mash ups.


Extremely Engaging Dynamic Video Technology

The potential of dynamic video can apply to any industry – including building a custom vacation for tourism agency customers, quizzing favorite foods to suggest snack pairings, giving wardrobe fashion inspiration by choosing your favorite styles, or creating custom quotes based on criteria for anything from insurance to home improvements to product shopping.

Our partners at Yeti ensured that every user had a joyful experience when interacting with the campaign’s UI environment, and that the software was designed to entice users to keep coming back each time they purchased a new bottle of Cupcake wine. All the while, the platform and animations were designed to remain on-brand, by creating a design system utilizing Cupcake’s existing colors and fonts, with minimal changes. We aimed to accentuate their playful brand colors, all the while ensuring that ADA best practices are followed.

To gather and utilize the customer information provided during the app’s onboarding process, Yeti set up a basic integration with Google Analytics that captured hundreds of standard data points and events. They additionally created an API that allowed all of the information captured within the app to be sent to Cupcake’s Mailchimp account, allowing them to save user information for any follow up marketing efforts they may want to undertake.


The Animation Design Process

After writing hundreds of clip concepts and quickly locking the 220-scene script with our client, we began recording voice over with Joshua Alexander, and exploring a variety of beautiful design options to inspire the project’s joyful visual style, tone, and color palette. After choosing a final style with our client, we began sketching storyboards that were revised, illustrated, and perfected.


Final Animation

After all the exciting elements of pre-production and concept designing are complete, it’s finally time to bring it all together in the animation stage! Fluid motion design, fun transitions, jammin’ music, lively voice over, and thoroughly immersive sound effects combine to create our final product to deliver to our client. We hope you love this thrilling project as much as we loved producing it.

Joy was good then, and so is today – choose joy!

Enjoyed this case study? Check out our partner Yeti’s Cupcake case study here!

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Customer Service in Video Production

Customer service is extremely important when clients are vetting which agency they want to partner with. At Explainly, we provide all of our clients with ‘white glove’ customer service. Meaning that we work in tandem with them to become an extension of their team, whether it be marketing or internal communications. All our project managers are equipped with the tools to provide seamless project management service to every client, even down to tailoring our communication styles to meet our clients’ preferences.

3 Tips to Utilize Animation Source Files

All digitally animated videos are created in softwares like Adobe After Effects, Adobe Animate, or ToonBoom Harmony. But no matter the software, there is a series of data, drawings, and files that make up every project. These networks of interconnected data, known as source files, collect files, working files, or art files, can enable edits or tweaks for years beyond a project’s completion. Wondering how you can utilize your animation source files? Here are three main steps to better understand your project files!

How to Color Correct a Video

Whether you’re filming on your phone or on a DSLR, no camera can fully capture colors like our eyes do. Tweaking and refining colors in post-production is vital to enhancing any video. Major live action and animated film productions even have colorists. These colorists ensure that a film’s colors and final look are reflecting the tone of the overall feeling and tone of the film’s story.

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