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So, what’s the perfect length for your video?

In today’s media environment where viewers are exposed to constant stimulation through their smartphones and social media, attention spans are shorter than ever. Very few people have the patience to sit through a ten minute video. In fact, retention data shows a drastic drop off after just two minutes. That being said, 68% of people are willing to sit through a video if it is 60 seconds or less. Short videos are also going to do better with engagement on social media than longform content. 


For Explainer Videos:

What if my product is complicated and needs to be explained? The data shows that short concise videos, that get your viewers attention and your message across quickly are most effective. 73% of videos clock in at two minutes or less. Explainer videos are great for this purpose. They can get complex messaging across in 60-90 sec in an engaging way. 


For Social Media:

For social media content, shorter is always better.  With the rise of tik-tok, younger demographics like gen-z and millenials are used to viewing even shorter content. Don’t waste time with slow meandering points. Respect your viewers time and jump right into your messaging right up front for the most effective method of reaching your audience.


For your website:

You might be tempted to make this video over a minute and length to explain all you can about what makes you great, but what matters isn’t that your audience understands everything about you, what matters is that they are compelled to talk to you after watching your video. Make your point on your website landing page with a snappy piece of video content to improve engagement metrics and get that sales call demo booked. 


Longform content:

Long form content has its place. Once you are further along into your sales funnel, you can give your audience a  more detailed explanation about your products and services. This works because your audience is closer to making a purchase and will want to learn more details about your product.

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