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Avast Case Study

Avast is one of the largest security companies in the world, and uses next-gen technologies to fight cyber attacks in real time. With an immense cloud-based machine learning engine that facilitates learning at unprecedented speeds to make their AI smarter and faster, there’s a lot to explain!


We worked with Avast on a 6-video series in 2020, then in 2021 they came back ready for more. After a rebrand, they asked us to re-imagine our original videos and create several new ones in a slick isometric style, resulting in an amazing breadth of work with their team.


One initial production challenge we championed was explaining the complexities of their systems concisely and in a way that generated new interest and excitement from a wide range of targeted audiences – ranging from IT admins to small business owners to active employees. We wanted this project to stand out, especially among the typically dry and tedious videos surrounding most cyber security platforms and services.


The colorful orange and blue palette of the Avast brand gave us room to produce characters, backgrounds, and set pieces that were outside of a typical corporate look. The result is a playful, stylish, and colorful series of videos that are able to consistently retain high energy despite their technical language.


By the end of the 17-video series, Avast’s Senior Product Marketing Manager shared that “It was a pleasure to work with the Explainly team to create a series of product explainer videos for our SaaS solutions. They make the process super easy. They are extremely professional, organized and easy to work with. I highly recommend Explainly for all your video needs.”


By keeping our explanations concise and deliberate, and letting our vibrant illustrations help us ensure viewer retention, we were able to help Avast’s premium services get more of the attention that they deserved.

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