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5 ways Businesses use Video in the Pandemic

Yep, things are still pretty crazy: conferences are canceled, markets are taking a nosedive, offices have moved remote, and you probably already need a new tv show to binge. Chances are, Coronavirus is impacting your business in a dramatic way. Due to social distancing, meetings are moving away from face-to-face contact and video is becoming even more of an essential medium for supporting your staff, generating leads, and increasing conversions.

While most headlines stress the danger of the crisis, there are few resources helping businesses circumnavigate the virus to continue making money. So, we at Explainly thought that we could help out by providing some tips as to how you can use video to mitigate the business challenges associated with the current pandemic.

While we’re sure most of you understand how video has changed from simply a form of entertainment to an essential tool for sales, support, and marketing teams, here are some quick stats to catch the rest of you up:

  • “Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.” (1)
  • “64% of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social videos” (2)
  • “marketers who are using video are seeing (on average) 49% faster growth in revenue.” (3)

Given all of this Coronavirus craziness, we can assume that your customers are even more stressed and distracted than ever before and it’s important for you to meet your customers where they are: offering the most engaging form of media to catch their eye and teach them about how your business can really make their life easier. So, without further adieu,

Here are 5 Ways Your Business Can Utilize Video During Coronavirus

1. Trade Shows


Did the outbreak cancel your much-awaited conference? So was ours – it sucks. We spent time finding the right show, invested in developing our booth and sponsoring the conference, not to mention all the time spent prepping! While it wasn’t all for nothing as most shows have just been postponed, it is a bump in the road that’s worth noting. Okay, it was canceled or postponed, now what?

Well, at a lot of trade shows, exhibitors have a monitor at their booth and we’ve noticed that many companies don’t have a video specifically for this monitor. For the amount of money companies spend to exhibit as well as develop their custom booth set-up, it’s surprising how few people have a truly custom video. I’m sure you’ve seen those PowerPoint presentations on loop or those still images that just sit on the screen – this is valuable, wasted space.

So, while it’s a bummer that your show was canceled, you now have time before your next show to create that trade show specific video! We’re happy to help you develop all of your ideas from the initial goals of the video down to the music and sound effects.

2. Training Videos (Internal & External)


I’m sure that working remotely has its positives and negatives for you – I know it does for me. While some companies managed to put procedures in place prior to this craziness, many companies could use some additional help with the transition. It’s hard to engage your employees from home. Utilize video for your company to send important information to remote employees.

Even if your remote work program is going great, you could take advantage of this downtime to develop some educational materials for your employees. We could work together on developing internal training videos to fit whatever needs you to see fit.

On top of video being an important resource for internal training, it can also be an important medium for external training. You can send out video resources to your clients to help engage them with your product in what could be a slow patch for a lot of your users/customers. Video is an artistic medium so get creative! If you have an out-of-the-box idea for a video, let us know, we’re always excited to talk through it with you.

3. Sales Enablement


Even with the Coronavirus bump in the road, you still need to make sales. Now that your sales team is working remotely, you can no longer make face-to-face sales, and/or your customers are now getting bombarded with in-distinguishable outbound sales, it’s vital for you to find a way to stand out. A demo video, service overview video, or quick promo video could be an excellent tool for enabling your sales team to close more deals.

While you probably include links in your outbound emails to spur engagement, you might not be linking out to the most influential media. By attaching sales enabling video to your outbound emails or lead nurturing emails, you’ll be able to encapsulate your unique branding as well as add some personality to what may just be a plain text email.

By developing a video as a sales enablement tool, you’ll be able to make sure that, regardless of what your remote sales team gets across on the phone or in a video call, your video will always say exactly what you want, and how you want.

4. Support Videos

What’s that one question your support staff gets asked every day? Maybe you don’t want to send customers to an FAQ or Knowledge Base because they don’t actually read the content. Maybe you just don’t think supporting your customers with a page of text does your customer success team justice. No matter what your reason, I totally understand wanting to offer a bit of personality to your support mechanisms to humanize your company and help your clients.

Wasting your staff’s energy to answer the same questions is unnecessary. By creating support videos, you can free up your support staff to help customers who need human problem-solving. A lot of people don’t think of their support team as a place needing video content, but they’re wrong. Video can be an essential tool to help support teams stay efficient during the pandemic.

5. Classic Video Marketing

Lastly, your marketing team could always use a new marketing tool. If you’re anything like the hundreds of people we talk to, you probably want to get into video marketing but struggle to know where to start. This makes sense; getting a simple 30-second video can be a huge undertaking. At Explainly, we’re happy to help walk you through the video marketing industry and coach you through the production process, helping you identify your goals, what you need to do to achieve them, and how to get your dream video easily and successfully.

If you already have a video, it’s probably time for an update and if you don’t… well, give us a call; we’ll tell you all about why you should probably have a video on your website.

The Explainly team wants to help your business the only way we know how – making you a fantastic video. Now, more than ever, it’s essential for companies to have tools that can build trust in customers while still distancing ourselves from one another physically. If any of these types of video spark any kind of interest or if you have a different idea for a video, please contact us to set up a meeting – we’re happy to talk to you even if it’s just exploratory.

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