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5 Tips for Writing Killer Video Marketing Scripts

You know video is the best way to market your business and, between your smartphone and easy-to-use editing apps, you also know you can put together a great video. But how do you write a killer video marketing script? Read on to learn our five tips for writing a compelling and persuasive script.

What is a video marketing script?

A Customer Persona is a description of the characteristics of your ideal customer that helps you determine how best to approach marketing to them. If you don’t know who you’re selling to, you’re probably not creating the right type of ads or using the most effective sales tactics. Understanding your ideal customer is key to a high conversion rate.

What is the purpose of a Customer Persona?

A promo video script—a chronological run-down of scenes, shots, action and dialogue—is the first and most crucial stage of the video production process. You can have the highest production value you want, but if your script is no good, your end product will be no good!

As you start writing your script, focus on achieving balance between good content and form—that’s the imagery, animation, special effects, soundtrack, etc. At this point, your job is to communicate how and why your service or product helps your target audience solve their specific problem.

Of course, we’re not suggesting you spend the entire video bragging about your product, service or brand. That can be a real turn-off for prospective customers! Focus on showing the audience how you can help them.

How do you write a video script?

If you’ve never written a script getting started probably seems overwhelming. But use these five strategies, and you’ll know exactly how to design a compelling, efficient and meaningful script.

#1. Know your audience

Creating an intimate connection between your business and the customer is one of the most critical pieces of a successful video production. So before you start the writing process, you need to know who you’re talking to. Who is your target audience? You should have a clear understanding of what they like, dislike, need and want to be improved.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you start writing:

  • How old is your target audience?
  • What do they like?
  • What do they dislike?
  • What do they need?
  • Where do they live?

Based on your answers, you should have a better understanding of your buyer persona’s profile. Building this persona is an important step, because it will guide you through the entire process of creating your marketing video.

With this persona, you’ll be able to:

  • Create the characters that connect with the target audience;
  • Add the right style to your characters; and
  • Better approach strengthening the trust between your company and target audience.

#2. Visualize while writing

When you start writing, visualize the scenes as you lay them out. Be as clear as possible when describing your vision. If you’re not able to communicate your message at this stage, go back and rethink what you want to achieve with your video.

Marketing scripts have a specific purpose. Every word and line you write matters. You’re providing valuable information, whether to your target audience, a single customer or the crew. Understanding what you’re going for is much easier for those you’re working with when your vision is communicated clearly.

#3. Include a few keywords

Before you write your own scripts, you need to understand how scripts are usually structured. Follow the correct structure, and your video won’t just be more interesting, engaging and easier to create, you’ll also connect better with your target audience.

The traditional script structure is made up of three parts:

#4. Follow the traditional script structure

There doesn’t seem to be anything Google can’t do! For your purposes, keep in mind Google now catalogs videos the same way as articles or webpages. So while you don’t want to overdo the keywords, a few carefully placed words or phrases gives your marketing video a better chance of ranking in search results.

The Beginning

The critical question is “What.”

The beginning of every video script should start with a specific problem you can solve. You’ll both grab viewers’ attention and encourage them to wait for more details. So at this point, just focus on the issue your product or service solves. And don’t worry about talking about your brand. We’re not quite there yet!

The Solution

The critical question is “How.”

In this part, your task is to describe to your target audience why your product is so important and how it can help them. Start this part by showing your logo or brand name on the screen.

The Reason

The critical question is “Why.”

For the third and final part, you’ll explain why your product is better than your competitors. Explore what differentiates you from the competition, and lay out the advantages of your product over theirs. Be short, informative and persuasive.

The Reason

The critical question is “Why.”

For the third and final part, you’ll explain why your product is better than your competitors. Explore what differentiates you from the competition, and lay out the advantages of your product over theirs. Be short, informative and persuasive.

#5. Keep it short!

Video duration and engagement are directly connected. If your video is too long, viewers will get bored and simply move on. If your video is too short, you won’t have the time to convey your message properly. Your task is to balance delivering that key message while holding the attention of the viewer.

And that’s how you write a killer video marketing script. Knowing your audience, visualizing the end product while writing, including a few keywords, understanding how scripts work and keeping an eye on the length will result in a video that gives you the highest ROI possible. So follow these five tips, and your marketing video will successfully engage your target audience, promote your brand and increase your sales!

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