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2D Animation

2D Video Animation Services

Explainly Doesn’t Just Make Explainer Videos

If you’re thinking about investing in animation, most people assume explainer videos are the goal, and they very well might be. But 2D animation can do a lot more than just create an explainer video. There are demos, teasers, promos and commercials and all of them can be based on 2D animation.

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2D Animation for Business

Determining the video that works for you

Check out our blog if you’re curious about the history of animation, but the main thing to note when deciding what kind of 2D animation you’d like to create is to understand what your visuals might be comprised of and how those visuals will come to life.

Do you need on-screen text, UI demonstrations and icons? Or do you need a character-based story that narrates a problem and solution? Or do you need a abstract representation to explain an idea and get people engaged with your brand?

Flat, linear, or isometric graphics describe how the illustrations look, but rigged, hand drawn, cel, and vector relate to how the visuals are created and animated.

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These are just some of the variables to determine what your end product will be, and although it’s helpful for our team to scope your project, don’t worry about understanding all the details. We’ll work with you to help you determine the story, illustration and animation goals based on your business needs and brand guidelines. Just know that a lot of thought goes into planning and executing your project and 2D is just the beginning.

We make great videos, just for you.

In a world of templates, custom videos are a breath of fresh air. You know that video is the future of marketing. And Explainly makes the video production process easier than ever before. If you have an idea for a video, we can do it.

2D Animated Explainer Videos

Is 2D animation always the way to go? 

There are times when a 2D video probably isn’t for you. If you want a product demo of a physical product, having a full 3D rendering of your product would be much more up your alley. If you have a big budget to spend on your video, including Live Action may complement your 2D animation very nicely. Or, if you want a logo animation that will blow your customer’s socks off, 3D animation might be for you. But it really depends on your business goals. And we’re happy to help navigate the options once we’ve learned a bit more from you.

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