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Courtney Sembler
Manager of HubSpot Academy Education

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Video Production for Business

Create custom videos for your business to enable marketing, sales and support.

The world is confusing but sometimes, we just need someone to explain it to us. At Explainly, we create custom, frame-by-frame business animation videos,  just for you. No templates. No drag and drop software. No cutting corners.

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So What’s Explainly?

Watch Our Process Video

So What’s Explainly?

Watch Our 60-Second Explainer Video

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2D Animation

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3D Animation

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Mixed Media

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Live Action

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Script Writing

A great video starts with a compelling, well-written script which requires a deep understanding of your organization’s key goals. 

Explainer Video Production

Our tried and true process
produces successful videos.

Our tried and true process produces successful videos.

At Explainly, high quality service is a major part of our product. As an end to end service solution, we’ll help you every step of the way. We’ve developed a best in class project management dashboard to make sure that your project is a success. This is where we’ll upload each step of the process, from script to final animation, allowing you to be as involved as you’d like.

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I want a video that educates prospects

I want a video that shows off my products

I want a video that provides training

I want a video that helps my sales team

I want a video that works with social media

Attention spans are dwindling and time is becoming a scarce resource. Most people don’t have the desire or the time to scour your website trying to understand your business, but they’ll gladly have it explained to them. Explainer videos are the perfect way to quickly educate prospects, investors and anyone else on why your brand is important. 

When it comes to selling a product, the internet is a game-changer. But as a consumer, it can be tough to pull the trigger without actually knowing what that product feels like in your hands. A product demo can be the perfect solution for this problem and can help increase online sales.

Training can be tough…and boring. Animated training videos are a simple, cost-effective way to educate new hires on how things work while emphasizing your company’s values. Through interesting visuals and easy-to-follow verbiage, videos make training fun, keep employees engaged and ensure you’re getting the most out of your training budget.

Sales teams need the right tools to be successful—tools that actually help them convert prospects. A short, clever, persuasive video is just that. They can be designed for leads at every stage of the sales funnel and can be the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity. Arm your team with the right tools and watch as sales skyrocket. 

Video marketing content is only as good as the number of eyes that see it. Social media is one of the best places to maximize campaign impressions and drive brand interest. We take your product, message and brand, and package it into a little box (with a bow and a ribbon) that’s perfect for the social media landscape.

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